Day Skipper

The Day Skipper - CBE Certificate course is an introductory Coastguard Boating Education course for all members of the family or crew, including those new to boating. It is particularly suited to those who are new to the responsibility of being a skipper on their own vessel. Applies to a wide range of vessels including yachts, launches, powerboats, PWCs, sea kayaks, and waka.


A comprehensive course for boaties with some existing knowledge and experience. Applies to a wide range of vessels including yachts, launches and powerboats

Marine VHF Radio

Under the Radiocommunications Act 1989, it is a legal requirement that anyone wishing to operate a marine VHF radio holds the appropriate operator’s certificate. For operators of marine VHF radios, the minimum legal operator certification is the Maritime VHF Operator’s Certificate (MVOC)

Information for all courses


All courses are held at the Coastguard Lake Taupo Maritime Centre, 14 Rauhotu Street, Nukuhau, Taupo.

Member Discounts

Coastguard Lake Taupo members are entitled to $10 discounts

Minimum Numbers

The scheduled courses are dependent upon having sufficient numbers to conduct the listed course. In the event of insufficient numbers those whose applications have been received and it is necessary to postpone a course, will have the option of transferring to the next planned course or fees returned.

Closing times

One week before course start date for the VHF Marine Radio and Day Skipper Courses, and two weeks before a Boatmaster Course. Where only the month with a TBA start date is given for mid- year courses, all those who have forwarded an application will be advised of the commencement date later on in the year, but there will be a little bit of leniency made to try and meet individual student commitments. Names and addresses will be taken of interested persons, but no names will be considered starters unless a course fee has been paid in advance of start date. $20.00 admin fee if candidate cancels. Dates must be adhered to, as texts are ordered from Auckland.