Become a Volunteer

There is a particular camaraderie that belongs only to those who have shared in a challenge to save the life of a fellow human being. It is an experience that Coastguard crews know and value.

There is more than camaraderie to being a Coastguard volunteer. You will learn seamanship, boat handling, navigation and leadership. You will find yourself stretched, sometimes physically, sometimes mentally. And you will find a powerful new meaning to your life as an active contributor in your local Taupo community.

The Coastguard Lake Taupo Unit has many ways to be involved as an active volunteer, contact us for more information on becoming a volunteer.

Rescue Vessel Crews

Coastguard Lake Taupo operates with three volunteer crews who are on duty one week in three and carry pagers for emergency call outs. Comprehensive training is provided to all suitable applicants who have been accepted to join.

Shore Crew

As well as the above volunteer roles Coastguard Lake Taupo has members involved with Boating Education,  Administration, Maintanence and Public Relations at various open days and the many events throughout the year.

Radio Service

Coastguards Lake Taupo and Turangi support the radio service with their funding of the Mariners Radio which in turn is receiving assistance from Coastguard Eastern Region with VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol). The service monitors Channel 61, and is able to respond to emergency calls, maintain trip reports and broadcast scheduled weather reports. Training and radio sets are provided.

Lake Watchers

A group of volunteers who live around the edge of Lake Taupo and are able to be called to give assistance by over seeing their portion of the Lake and reporting back to Police.